Mining for jobs and prosperity


Today marks the beginning of Nova Scotia Mining Week, an opportunity to highlight the mining industry’s contribution to the province’s economy.

“The mining and quarrying industry is a key creator of jobs and prosperity for Nova Scotians,” said Pat Mills, President of the Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS). “The industry provides 6,300 jobs, mostly in rural areas, and contributes $500 million to the province’s economy each year. Mining is the highest-paying natural resource industry and one of the highest-paying of all industries in the province.”

"It is my pleasure to congratulate the Mining Association of Nova Scotia for re-establishing Mining Week," said Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker. "The mining industry has a long and vibrant history in Nova Scotia, and it remains a significant contributor to our province, generating hundreds of millions of dollars for our economy and providing highly paid and specialized employment for thousands of workers, particularly in rural Nova Scotia.”

“Mining today is a sophisticated, high tech industry that is vital to our economy and way of life,” said Sean Kirby, MANS’ Executive Director. “Mining contributes to virtually everything in our daily lives that isn’t farmed, from houses to roads to playgrounds. The materials we take from the ground are the foundation of our modern society.”

Mining began in Nova Scotia in Sydney, where coal was reportedly first mined in 1672. The first commercial coal mining venture in Canada was established by the French in 1720 in Cow Bay, Cape Breton, to supply Louisbourg. Nova Scotia’s first international trade in minerals took place in 1724 when a shipment of coal was sent to Boston.

Today, Nova Scotians explore and mine for a range of minerals, including aggregate, gypsum, limestone, salt, coal, gold, sand and anhydrite. Much of the material is used in the province for construction, such as building homes, hospitals, schools, recreation facilities and roads. Others are exported around the world, making mining one of Nova Scotia’s biggest export industries.

Nova Scotia Mining Week runs from October 1-5.

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Mining Association of Nova Scotia
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