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54282 MA  
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Tender Number: 54282 MA
Company Name: Nalcor Energy Oil
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Issue Date: 2013-04-02

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2300 Steel
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Menihek Genrating Station Incinerator Supply and Installation Supervision
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We have revised our contract requirements to incorporate Nalcor Energy’s Contractor
Safety Management Program. To ensure that your tender submission is in compliance
with our requirements, please review our contract documents and make certain all
required documentation, including requested information for the Contractor Safety
Management Program is included as required. The Contractor Safety Management
Program is typically not applicable to ‘supply only’ tenders.
All tenders close at 3:00 pm Newfoundland Time and must be received at Supply Chain
Management prior to closing time, on the date stated on The Quotation Request Form
or as outlined in the Instructions to Tender Section of the Tender Document to one of
the following:
By Mail or Courier: Supply Chain Management Department
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By Hand Delivery: To the tender depository box in the main reception area, Hydro
Place. The sealed tender envelope must be time stamped using the supplied time clock before being placed into depository.
By Facsimile: (709) 737-1795
Tenders will only be accepted via fax or hard copy delivered to Supply Chain Management. E-mail tenders will not be accepted.
Tenders will be opened in public at Hydro Place, Second Level, immediately after closing. Only the names of bidders will be released at our Public Tender Openings, and
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The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
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NALCOR ENERGY CONTRACT FOR Menihek Generating Station Supply Modular Incinerator and Supervise Installation
2013-54282 MA

SC 1 Project Title and Site Location
1. The Project title is: Menihek Generating Station - Supply Modular Incinerator and Supervise Installation
2. The Project Site is located at Menihek Generating Station, Labrador, NL
SC 2 Scope of Contract
1. The scope of the Contract is: the supply of all labour, Construction Plant and Material necessary for the design, fabrication, delivery, supervision of erection and commissioning, testing and guarantee of a modular incinerator, accessories and optional spare parts. .
2. Except for Material specifically stated elsewhere in the Contract Documents as Owner-Furnished Material, the Work covered under the Contract comprises the supply of all labour, Plant and Material necessary to construct the Work identified and described in the Schedule ESPECIFICATIONS, including but not limited to:
and#61623; Design, fabrication and supply of modular incinerator and optional spare parts.
and#61623; Shipping of incinerator to Schefferville, QC.
and#61623; Supervision of Owner’s contract forces during installation and hook-up of incinerator
and#61623; Preparation of a comprehensive commissioning plan to the approval of the Owner, and
supervision of Owner’s contract forces during commissioning and start-up of the incinerator
3. Material and Plant which are not specifically mentioned in this Contract Documents but which are usual or necessary for the satisfactory completion of the Work shall be deemed to be included in the Contract and shall be provided by Contractor without extra charges.
SC 3 Schedule
1. The Work will take approximately 4 months to complete and the incinerator shall be delivered to Schefferville, QC no later than 9/13/2013. The installation work is anticipated to commence on approximately 9/16/2013 until 9/27/2013, to be confirmed by Owner not less than thirty(30) days
prior to commencement.
2. Before commencing mobilization to Work Contractor shall, within seven (7) days after notice of letter notifying an award of Contract, submit for approval a Schedule showing proposed start and completion dates for the different components/milestones of the Work comprising, as a minimum, the requirements in Schedule A - TENDER SUBMISSION, Appendix VI, Construction Data, Work Schedule Bar Chart and the scheduled events listed in SPECIAL CONDITIONS, Appendix I Schedule of Events. Upon approval by Owner, the work schedule shall become the Schedule against which Contractor's progress shall be measured. shall include the following activities:

engineering design
submittal of Drawings for review
duration for review by Owner placement of orders for Material receipt of Material fabrication or manufacture shipment and transportation erection commissioning and start-up.
3. The Critical Path Method (CPM) shall be used to control planning and scheduling of the Work. Two weeks after notification of acceptance of Tender, Contractor shall submit to Owner a detailed Critical Path diagram for the Work. The outline Critical Path diagram submitted with Tender shall show an outline of the schedule for engineering, manufacturing, assembly, shop testing, installation and commissioning. The detailed Critical Path diagram shall show the placement of orders for Material, receipt of Material, factory fabrication, factory testing, delivery of Material, installation and commissioning. This detailed Critical Path network shall clearly depict and describe the sequence and interdependence of all Contractor's activities in sufficient detail to satisfy Owner that the Work has been thoroughly planned and scheduled to meet all the requirements of the Contract
4. Contractor's outline and detailed Critical Path schedules shall provide for a reasonable period of time to enable Owner to design and construct any foundations, buildings, or other interfaces dependent on information given by Contractor.
5. Contractor's detailed Critical Path network, once processed and approved by Owner, shall become the Approved Manufacturing Schedule for the Work. The Approved Manufacturing Schedule shall not be altered at any time, except to reflect extensions of time granted by Owner in accordance with Contract requirements, or as otherwise approved by Owner. Approval of the Approved Manufacturing Schedule by Owner shall not relieve Contractor from any requirements of the
6. On a regular monthly basis, on a date established by Owner, Contractor shall submit a progress report. The progress report shall clearly show all progress to the date of the report, as related to the Approved Manufacturing Schedule, the time remaining to complete activities in progress, and any activities that are behind schedule.
7. Work at the Menihek, NL site is conducted seven(7) days per week, up to 12 hours per day. The project site in Menihek, NL operates on Eastern Standard/Daylight Time
SC 4 Board, Lodgings and Transportation
1. A Work schedule and list of required on-site workers shall be submitted and approved minimum of seven (7) days prior to the start of the Work on site. Contractor shall advise Owner of any specific dietary restrictions of its personnel in its submission.

2. Meals and lodgings at the WORK SITE in Menihek will be provided by Owner for all Contractor personnel.
3. Transportation of Contractor’s forces between the airport in Wabush, NL to Emeril Siding, and the passenger train between Emeril Siding to WORK SITE shall be provided by Owner. The normal
passenger train schedule is as follows:
and#61623; Travels north from Emeril Siding to Menihek on Monday and Thursday at approximately 4pm;
Shuttle service departs Wabush Airport approximately 2pm.
and#61623; Travels south from WORK SITE to Emeril Siding on Tuesday and Friday at approximately 9am;
Shuttle Service provided from Emeril to Wabush Airport, arriving approximately 2pm.
and#61623; Travels south from Schefferville, QC to WORK SITE on Tuesday and Friday at approximately
8am. Shuttle Service NOT provided between Schefferville Airport and Schefferville Train
and#61623; Travels north from WORK SITE to Schefferville, QC on Monday and Thursday at approximately
6pm. Shuttle Service NOT provided between Schefferville Airport and Schefferville Train
Owner will confirm actual travel arrangements for pickup at Wabush Airport with Contractor prior to departure.
For further information regarding train travel, contact Tshiuetin Railway Transportation Inc.:
Tshiuetin Rail Transportation Inc.
1005, Boul Laure, suite 305 C, Sept-Iles QC, Canada G4R 4S6
Téléphone : (418)960-0982 /Phone: 1-866-962-0988
Fax : (418)960-0984
Schefferville :
Phone: (418)-585-2333
Fax: (418)-585-2344
Personnel travelling by passenger train are permitted to carry baggage, small packages/materials, toolboxes, etc. which can be loaded and offloaded by Contractor's own personnel to/from the train box-car. Maximum two pieces of luggage per person, up to 22kg each. Owner takes no responsibility for the arrival or departure times of the train. Contractor may make alternate travel arrangements for personnel to the WORK SITE at Contractor's own cost. Air travel is available to Schefferville, QC with Air Inuit and Provincial Airlines, with local vehicle rentals available. The road between Schefferville, QC and Menihek, NL is approximately 42km, is of fair/poor condition, accessible seasonally only between June and October, weather
4. Contractor shall advise Owner on a weekly basis as to the number of Contractor's personnel at the
Site. All living quarters will be provided with reasonable sanitary and washing facilities and failure
of any personnel to avail themselves of same may be cause for removal from premises and Site.
5. Contractor shall not establish any camp or catering facilities at the Site.
6. Contractor shall, at its expense, transport all its required personnel to and from the
Site. Contractor shall, also at its expense, provide Site transportation for all its required personnel.

To obtain a copy of the entire document please contact BIDS at 709-738-6500 or email
Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 2300 Steel

2 1 N/A 2800 Fabrication

3 1 N/A 4400 Fired Process Equipment

4 1 N/A 7600 General Misc. Electrical

5 1 N/A 7700 Electrical Fittings

6 1 N/A 7300 Control and Relay Systems

7 1 N/A 9015 Electrical Contractors

8 1 N/A 9100 Engineering Consultants and Support

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